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Our Summer house burned down last night.

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Wake up early last morning that the police called an told me that our house that we had as a summer house had burnt down to the ground.
Luckelly there was no people that got hurt so its just material things.
But all the personal things we had can never be replaced.

Here is some pictures how it looked before and after.

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Oh man :( :( Sorry to hear Owe.
Good no one was hurt.
Any ideas how this happened?

I hope everything turns out as good as it can.
Sorry for you loss, It look like you put a lot of work in to it.

Will you rebuild?
Very sorry to hear that Owe!!!
So sorry to hear this Owe. Glad no one was hurt.
Owe looked like a nice house. But sure glad no one was hurt or killed in the fire.
Glad to hear no one was hurt.Sorry about your loss!
my heart goes out to you owe, so sorry. good to hear everyone is o.k..
Owe, what horrid news to recieve. Sorry to hear this. Looked like a great place you had there. Hope it all turns out as well as possible at this point - dealing with insurance and deciding on your next move.
Horrible news. I am glad nobody got hurt. I have always worried about losing a home to fire.
Sorry for your loss. House can be replaced but not the personal things. Only good thing is that no one was injured. Pics show a lot of love went into that house. Lloyd
As mentioned by all, sorry for your loss of such a beautiful place, material things can be replaced, thank God you and family were not there, lives cannot be replaced.

That's sad to have something so nice destroyed. Good luck recovering & replacing.
Oh no!!!! Terrible. Burned houses are everyday news here in Ystad. But this feels even closer since it's your house Owe!! Fortunately nobody was hurt....
So sorry for your loss Owe... Looked like a real nice place... At least there was no loss of life... Later, Dave
Sorry you lost your summer home Owe. Looked like a little slice of heaven. Wish you a speedy recovery with the whole incident your faced with now. Wish you best of luck :tu
Thats really a bummer. How can we help?
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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