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Paint Question

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Painted a 69 camaro today. Basically it got sanded, primed (high build),
epoxy, then painted, all components, are PPG. Everything went well until
I put on the second coat of clear. Looks like the paint started to seperate
and come back through the clear. I can't figure out what went wrong. I'm going to wet sand the clear with 800 tomorrow and try to repaint after church.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Did you use a sealer first? That happened to me on sons Vette.
James....Going to church tomorrow is a good idea.:) I'll say one for 'ya tonight.

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James, if you used a high build epoxy primer for a sealer it would need sanding before painting or the reductor in it will bleed threw to the base coat, if you used a non sanding epoxy primer for a sealer give it the proper drying time before you start painting. On non sanding epoxy primers I wait 1 to 2 hrs. before spraying any paint and 15 min. between coats of paint, let the paint flash before starting the clear coating. Hope this helps you and watch out for blistering of the clear when you respray, We would resand and wait a day or two to respray and let in dry because when we would resand and spray the same day sometime the clear would blister and we would have to strip the paint off. Later Bill :anim_25:
Perhaps you may not have waited long enough between base and clear, or between epoxy and base.

The wait time for the epoxy before applying base is 30-60 minutes depending on which catalyst you used (401 or 402). Did you reduce the epoxy?

Did you use a catalyst or reactor in the base? Did you use DBU or DBC? If you are using DBC, you might add some DX57 to it next time (not required but often recommended). DBU has to be used with a catalyst, the product number escapes me.
Sounds like the trouble we had with PPG on my car. I won't use it again.
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