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Panel problems

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I’ve been trying to finish up the 72 Nova. I finally got the quarter panel to line up but had to modify it a little. Then I went to replace a piece of the other quarter, cut it out where it fit well, had to reshape the inner wheel well to get the panel to go in place, started welding it up and it wouldn’t fit. I tweaked and tweaked till I got it to fit, welded it up and where the original and new panels meet, the original panel is bulging in one area. Enough to make it look bad. Since I can not access the back, I’m unsure of how to fix the problem. I’m also not getting good welds, guess I need to switch my welder over to gas. I know I should have done that by now. At this point, I’m going to have to hammer the bulge in and filler it. How do I eliminate this problem in the future? I was careful about overheating the panel so I’m not sure why it bulged. It was almost like the repair panel was not arched correctly but the bulge only happened in on 6” area. Any suggestions?

I also am still struggling with panel edge alignment. I’ve been “feeling” the edges to make sure they are aligned but when I grind the welds they are always heavy on one side. I can’t always use body panel clamps so how do I make sure it is a smooth transition between panels? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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