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Picrures from Rod Run

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I have posted a bunch of pictures from Pigeon Forge, in the Rod Run 2010 folder on my Shutterfly site.
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great pics, thanks tom. :five: looks like perfect weather too. :tu...............that shutterfly is neat. :tu
Tanx fer da pics...
alot of nice cars ....:tu thanks for the post !!
LOT's a red ones :eek:
Makes me miss Pigeon Forge for sure:tu

Thanks for postin
Thanks for the photos I don't think I have ever seen a black over yellow '55 before. would not be my choice. Looked like you had the perfect day with lots of trifives.:tu
It was a great weekend. Sprinkle of rain all the way from Celina to PF. Then couple of showers late Thurs, but that only helped wash the road rain off. There were probably 12-15 more Tri-Fives I didn't get a picture off. The 56 2 tone blue Bel Air in #75&76 is owned by broker in Celina. I took a look at it when he brought it in. Great un-restored condition. Looks like it was painted years ago. Roll and Pleat interior. 265 PG factory PB PS auto light dimmer (not working). I thought $12,500 at most had $18500 on windshield.

All those red cars made glad I painted mine green
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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