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Pics of 55 & 57 front seat please

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I have 2 seats and not sure how to tell the difference between the 55/56 seat and the 57 front 2 door bench seat. One of my seats has no material or side shells so its difficult to do a side by side.
If someone has a pic displaying the diffeerences I would appreciate you posting them up
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Ecklers catalog has pictures of all the seats and covers. The top of the seat back is way different. ...
Thanks that may do it. If I see it correctly the 57 side shell is noticably shorter than 5/6 and the top of the seat back tapers more on the 7 and 5/6 is somewaht bulky.
How about seat without covering?? Easy way to tell??
Bob you should be able to look at the seat back-top area. The 57 is thin like in this pic,

And the 55 has a thick over hanging ledge like in this pic, and the framework should reflect that difference.

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