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Pig's 55 "pick a door, just get in" PAINTED

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Well again I want to thank everyone for kind words and support. She is now Green and yes changed color, now OD Green GLOSSY.......Needs sanded and buffed................sure like her this color.
Pig is me:happy0030::)


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nice job piggy, looks great. :five:
I`m ready to see that shade of green out in the sunlight. Think it will look good.
The red wheels gotta go!
The red wheels gotta go![/QUOTE

Whoa Speedy. Don't bad mouth Red Wheels. HeHeeHe Lloyd]

don't make no difference how fast you go, you gotta look good doin it. Smile
Nice finish.

Finish looks great already--just wait until you sand and buff. Aren't you glad you did it yourself? Once you get all your stainless on that color will "pop". Can't wait to see her finished. Thanks for posting pics and keep up the good work. :tu JIM.
:wavey: G'day piggy, color looks better than I thought it would :congrats:
Yep OD green, why red wheels

The red wheels gotta go!
Friend, RED is for Artillery after doing 20 years and These are my favorite colors..................... Plus I have skirts for the rear......but may change to my shined boots, maybe...............happy as a Pig in .......well you know.....!
Pig is me
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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