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Pinion Angle and Lowering Blocks

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I just completed all frame modifications with a recently purchased leaf spring relocation kit. I plan on lowering the car forward with 2" drop spindles and using 2" lowering blocks to set the rear at approximately the same height.
I still need to position and measure the axle relationship side to side and set the pinion angle while tack welding the supplied spring perches to the axle.

My question is...can I do this preliminary set-up without first installing the blocks or will the blocks not affect the angle after assembly?
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lowering blocks?

are the lowering blocks for the rear going between the axle and spring perch? or are you useing shackles to lower it? the pinion angle is relevent to the transmission and the ground or shall we say horizontal. depending on how you get your two inches will depend on how you mount your new perches. if your not changeing the angle of the rear axle in the drop dont worry about it.
just move the perches inward.
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