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power steering up grade

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I know it's been asked before but I suck at searching threads. I am going from manual steering to a ccp 500 power unit. Do I need to change tie rods or the pitman arm? I getting new tie rods and see they make different ones for power steering along with a pitman arm. please clarify this for me.
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Ok, I found an old post about this and found the answer. Here's the question, how many of you posted a new thread and found out that you already asked the same question before?
I was thinking it was a famialr question and looked at my old posts and found it from a couple of years ago.:rolleyes:
I don't know if it is age or the slow progress on the car:cool:
I'm going with age.:sign0020:
Don't Worry About It!!

No sweat Dave - we all have and do it!!:wavey:
As you now know, the CPP 500 box uses a manual steering center link and pitman arm, unless you use the adapter for the power steering arm/center link now on the market.

And yes, some questions get asked over and over.

Disc brakes and master cylinders are the leader on the repeated questions list.

But don't worry about it, you will certainly not be the last to repeat a question already answered.
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