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Need some help on determining what the most likely scenario is. I have a 1955 210 Delray, powerglide and 235. I'm pretty sure this is the original motor and transmission that came with the car off the assembly line; but my motor has mechanical lifters, not hydraulic. The assembly plant stamp near the distributor is 0063453F55Z. The Z designates the block as a "regular engine". Powerglide motors are stamped with Y, designating them as "with powerglide". There is no evidence that this car ever had a standard transmission either. The engine casting number is 3836233, which makes it a 1955 block. The lifter bores aren't drilled, so it's definitely a mechanical lifter block.

Has anyone ever heard of a 235 powerglide car coming from the factory with mechanical lifters? It's possible that the engine could have been replaced by a po, but it's extremely unlikely that a 1955 block would have gone back in it.


Also, is there a resource for build sheets based on vin numbers?

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