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I'll be starting my build thread on Sun, just need to figure out the name of the car to be. Since it'll be black and white to start and eventually black/silver, I'm thinking of Tux. I'm a bit Linux user and Tux is the Linux mascot ( Not sure it'll stick, but that should be good enough for now.

Phase I - Sun I'm heading to Owasso (just NE of Tulsa) OK to finish my rolling chassis w/ my Dad and step-Dad. I'll be there a week, hope to finish assembly, weld in exhaust hangers and gas tank tabs, dissassemble for paint, then reassemble w/ engine(LQ4)/trans(T-56) mounted. It's a lot of work, hope I can get most if not all of that done. After I leave, I'll see if my Dad can take it down to have the exhaust installed.

Phase II - will be after I get my BelAir moved from No. CA to OK, which my Dad is going to do. I'll fly back to OK to put the body on the chassis, wire it, do interior, and hopefully drive it. The body is in very good shape, with almost no rust (it had sat in a backyard in Reno NV since 1970). It's all original paint with only minor dings and a nice patina. Plan is to lift body and strip old interior/wiring etc, then clean up floor pans and POR-15 them top/bottom along with inner wheel wells, then put body on new frame. I have a beautiful new interior (thanks to Ciadella's), VHX gauges, tilt steering and new steering wheel, AAW wiring, alum rad etc.

Phase III - much later (probably after I retire from military ~7+ yrs) I'll do a very nice paint job, just don't have time or money right now. Also don't want a garage queen, this car will be driven...a lot!

Anyone in Tulsa area? I'd love to maybe have lunch or dinner if anyone is up for it...just PM me and we can coord something.
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