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I just wrapped up installing a US Radiator Desert Cooler 4 core high efficiency radiator, V8 in the stock position in my 57. It's about 1/2" thicker than the stock radiator. I initially thought I was having a clearance problem, turned out the bottom panel that goes in front of the bottom radiator tank was bent on the passenger side; a little friendly persuasion with a mallet cleared it up. I have about 5/8" clearance between the fan and the radiator now. Running a 7 blade fan from Eckler's, which is thicker than the stock fan.

I bought the radiator directly from the factory in East Los Angeles; no special discounts or anything but it was cool to meet the people who work there and I feel good knowing I have a quality made in the USA product in my car.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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