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We have a party this afternoon with about 100 people coming over and it's rainning. the house isn't that big and we have tent in the back yard with tables for them. the garage is the next option but it will be a tight fit.:eek:
this is for our 25th anniversary and we have a ton of food too. hope they don't stay home.
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I hope there is a change in your forcast Dave. Hate to have it rain on your big day. Wishing you the best on your 25th!


Congratulations on your 25th and think dry... Later, Dave
Congratulations on your 25th
And hopefully it will stop raining for u :tu keep us posted on how it went,
25 years.Congratulations to you and the wife.:congrats::congrats:
Congrats to the two of you, wish you get the present you want most...rain to stop on your special day.

We're at the point to where "do we move stuff indoors or hope for the best". It starts at 4pm and it looks like it will clear up until then and come back later:(
congrats dave! :04:
Congrats on your Silver Anniversary, Dave - I've got 10 days to go. Hope your day goes well!
Congrats Bigdave, my 25th was last month...
Happy 25th Dave & Mrs. Dave.:tu:tu:tu Since most of the weather we get goes right in your direction, you might luck out. We have been dry since yesterday AM and it is clear here now. Forecast is for a few spotty light showers this afternoon, then clear until Monday afternoon.
congratulations Dave, we'll take the rain, just send it to us, we have not had any all month. solve two problems!

Congratulations on your 25Th. Hope Your weather holds out. We had Basball sized hail here this afternoon about 5 pm at Wal-Mart 4 miles away. Wife said 4 cars lost rear windows knocked out, 2-3 inches of heavy rain and wind . Knocked a hole in a sky light near Wal-Mart. Her car has 12 big hits including hood, trunk lid, roof, both frony fenders and drivers quater panel.
Congrats on the 25th anniversary....hope it all works out and I'm sure it will....If you guys made it 25 years this is no big problem.....I'm going on 30 this year ............:tu:tu:tu
Well everything went fine. we pulled out the cars from the garage and moved about half the tables in there and guess what, no more rain.
We had about 100 people show up and had plenty of food. Long day forme though,back is killing me along with my shoulders. taking it easy Sunday.
Congratulates and glad all worked out well. Going for 50 in 2 yrs and hope for same. Understand resting on Sunday. Enjoy . Regards Lloyd & Pat.
Good day!!

Again congrats! Glad for no rain.
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