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RE: Raising front end with Coil Springs

I hope you guys dont get upset about bringing up a ford in this forum...but I trust you guys and your expertise...and dont know who else to ask.

I have a 56 Chevy...Ive posted pics here before of it...I am going for a Gasser look on it. I ordered extra lift coil springs from jc whitney and installed...and came out awsome...

I want the same look for my 55 Ford Fairlane but I have not been able to find what springs fit it....Does anyone know what coil springs are compatible with my car that would raise it 4 or 5 inches...maybe from other makes or other ford years? Or a website?

Or...what straight axle from what vehicle would fit good under my car?



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I would remove you springs so you can get the diameter and the height. Then I would go to a spring manufacturer like TRW and ask them to find you a spring that is the same diameter but taller. Sometimes auto zone and other parts stores have a program that will tell you all the dimentions of your spring and what is taller but still the same diameter. Or you might find a spacer to use with your springs. That's about the best I can do for you. Good luck!

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..and also how does it ride ???
That's my question.

I bought a '57 Hardtop in the late 1970s with a huge set of springs under the front of it.

After the car was parted, (not by my choice) I cleaned & painted these springs and stuck them under my fist car. When I got the car on the street it road like a log wagon. The upper A-arms were against the bump spots 100% of the time.

A set of coil springs out of a '68 Cutlass did the work I wanted them to. Raising the front of my car 2 - 3 inches over stock ride height. And they weren't so much the A-amrs were constantly against the bump stops.
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