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Rear Axel Hub Bearing

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I need some help. Several years ago I had a 12 bolt narrowed for the 57. The guy who did it went with C clip eliminators and new big bearing ford axel hubs. I guess they are supposed to be bigger / stronger? ..... anyway, I have a bearing retainer plate that bolts to the hub face with 4 bolts and keeps the whole axel from sliding right out.

My question is this: The bearing itself sticks out of the hub almost an 1/8th of an inch. Is it supposed to do that???, I would think that when the axel is installed it should be flush with the hub outside face. I'm not sure if I should smack it with a hammer, I've lightly tapped it but it feels like it is all the way in. Is this normal?

My bigger challenge now is I have purchased the rear disc brake brackets and have to deal now with retaining the bearing that sticks out with a bracket that bolts flush to the hub....

I can weld onto the brake bracket a bearing retainer and make it work, but before I did that I thought I would ask some questions to see if this is normal.

your thoughts?
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Do both axle bearings stick out?
The brg is likely in the correct location. The .125 protrusion is covered by the brake backing plate, making the brg flush.
The disc brake brackets may have a recess machined into them to fit over the brg...
If the brkts are weld-ons, then you can get a retainer that's counter bored to fit over the brg...
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