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Rear disc brake question.

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hey all, just wondered what yr other chevy rears that are disc brake fit in a 57? does a 87 iroc? how about a 94,95,96 caprice? do they bolt up or are mods in line to make them work. try the search but didnt find any thind solid thks mad57.
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Ive got a 70 chevelle rear in it now and want disc brakes all the way around, so the chevelle rear is 2 in wider than say a 94/96 caprice disc rear figured the extra 2inch and disc would be a plus, im not a big burn out guy so i dont need a ton or strenght just a good driver rear that stops the car on a dime;) any other ideas or proven sucess stories thks mad57
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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