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rear shock crossmember instructions

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I tried searching for instructions on installing rear shock relocation bar. It had measurements fom the rear cross piece of the frame in it.
I kniow it wasn't CCP's , I just reviewed it.
Also I know alot of you made your own but I'm going with a premade one and am looking for recomended soures.
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I bought mine from Danchuk. I had air shocks so I disconnected the air lines, disconnected top side of shocks from the body and compressed the shocks. I then mounted my crossbar to the shocks and manually extended the the air shocks until the cross bar was at the proper height with frame. Marked my bolt holes on the frame, removed the shock bar, drilled holes, and bolted it all together. Using the air shocks to position my bar helped me ensure I had clearance with exhaust pipes and ensure the top screw on the shocks did not hit the body.

Note installed the shock bar with the mounting brackets facing the rear of the car. This enabled me to move the shock bar forward enough to avoid interference with my exhaust pipes. The shocks are pretty much straight up and down when looking at them from the side of the car.

Thanks Todd. I am looking for a manufacturer install sheet. I have the body off the frame and the one I'm looking for I saw here a while back and can't find it again. it had real detailed measurements that make it hard to mess up.:D
Here is one from Ecklers. I don't know who makes their shock bar.
Here is one from Ecklers. I don't know who makes their shock bar.
This is the one I used BigDave. Take it to the Bank. Lloyd
That's the one Don, Thanks
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