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Hello everyvone.

English is not my strong side,but i will try.

I buy a Chevy Bel Air 1955 last year,and i plan to restore it from the ground.
i did not think it was to mutch rust, becasue the ad said that the car was streight as an arrow,but when i begin to take it appart it was rust everywere
Both rear fenders,floorpans,rear of the trunk,rockerpanels and all the braces under the car. So i have to learn howe to do metalwork.
When i had taken the car appart i decide to let a company take all paint and plastic away with acid, they dipped the body and all other parts in a big container full of acid, i can tell it was very clean when it came up.
So now im starting to welding.
I have a blog where you can follow the process, but its in not in English yet.

Best Regards
Owe Hellberg

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Welcome to the site Owe. Straight as an arrow in this case definitely doesn`t mean rust free. It is hard to buy a car without looking it over real good. Good luck on your rebuild.
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