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I just bought a set of REPOPS sound deadener for my '55 Delray. There was a sheet of paper that came with them that shows which piece (of 5) goes where. The images depicting each piece roughly shows where each piece goes, but other than the single sheet of paper, there was no other instructions (other than "sandy side down"). They are supposed to be cut to fit and they are certainly cut to fit SOMETHING, I'm just not sure what. The "under rear seat" and "under rear floor" pieces are near perfect fit... no complaints here, but the both the "drivers floor" and "passenger floor" pieces are a bit confusing

The sound deadener pieces look like very thick tar paper (1/4" thick, give or take a 1/16"). I'm thinking that a heat gun may be needed to help form the sheets, then maybe some adhesive to hold it in place.

Anybody have any experience with this product? Any installation recommendations, which type of adhesive to use (if any).

All comments are appreciated.
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