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I know they're expensive at $3,000. I cant find many market comparables so i used a cost/RCN approach. If you have any i'm happy to consider. I set my price at a discount to the following:

Frames and Foam
Relocation Brackets
*Not capturing prices on side panels and trim pieces but i've seen the sides go for ~150/pair.
*Not capturing labor to put it all together.

For sale: what i would consider to be excellent condition front and rear 56 2DHT seats. I picked these up a while back when i wasnt sure of the direction of my build but they're too nice for my car (and would clash with my new roll cage).

These are original frames with Ciadella upholstery. The seats show no signs of wear, sag, or damage. There are one or two places where a small 1/8" section of silver piping has worn off, but you have to study it for a while to identify. Again, i would consider these to be in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. Includes aluminum seat relocation brackets to move them back from their original mounts. These came from a show car and were never installed in my car.

I'm located in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and i cant ship or deliver these outside of the metroplex. However, these are stored indoors and are secure if anyone wants to coordinate a trip. Shoot me a message if you'd like to call or text.

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