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Road Trip

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Finally got the computer back on line so decided to tell about our road
trip last weekend.

Took the Nomad to the Summernites Cruise in Somerset, Ky. last weekend from Tipton In. down through Madison, In. on the Ohio River on to Harrodsburg, Ky. to the Shaker Village there. Man, those roads are curvy. Then on to London, Ky. where we had a house on beautiful Wood Creek Lake rented with 2 other couples for 4 nights. Got there on Friday night, went to Sommerset on Saturday for the cruise and had a blast. There was over 1200 cars on show, and only one Nomad there that I'm aware of, and it was mine. This is the first cruise that I have been on where I can say that I had never seen any of the other 1200 cars before. It was nice in itself to not see the same old cars week after week from local shows.

The car performed flawlessly, and even though we traveled over the winding roads, the anti-sway bars kept it on the road. We traveled over 800 miles on this trip and with the 700r4 came home with an 18.2 mpg, even with driving half of it on back roads.

Wish I could go back for the Tri-Five get together in October but need to save some cash for the Nomad Convention in Dayton, Ohio next year. I will be checking it out on their web page though. Maybe next fall. I'm sure if you go you will have a great time.

Forgot and left the camera at the cottage so didn't get any pictures. Hope I'm not banded from here because of it. You can see pictures from their web-site also.
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Bob....Sounds like you had a great time to me......We will be heading up for the TriFive cruise-in at the end of Oct.....Won't be driving mine long distance lke that until I get an OD in her though.
Sounds like you had a great time.

I'm just waiting to fire mine up, let alone cruise it long distances. That'll come in time though. I think I'll have to put a camera in the glovebox to make sure that I don't get banned. :sign0020:
glad you had a good time and safe trip. over 800 mile trip in the nomad, well done bob. :five:
Those road trips are fun. I haven`t been on a real long one like yours yet though. MIne has been about 150 miles round trip. Sounds like yall had a good time.
I think the camera in the glovebox may be the right
idea. Sure was a lot of nice cars there that I would like to have pictures of.

The 700r4 makes the Nomad a pleasure to drive,along with the sway bars. Best upgradesby far that I've done. (Along with air cond and disc brakes). Our club also went to the Nashville show, and I had a hard time keeping it slowed down to the other cars pace. Its really nice when you can drive them without worries. I've had this car for around 35 years, so know it top to bottom. The other 2 members that went with us wouldn't take their classics so I was able to set a good pace.

Fun trip.
For you west of the Mississippi guys, We live due west of Somerset about a days drive. We would love to offer a free overnight stop and breakfast at our place, A 100+ year old 5 bedroom ranch house, with pleanty of parking for trifives or not.
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