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Hi Folk's,
In 1999, I broke my Chevy's Rear End when I jumped on a Camaro one night. He was shocked to see the front end jump up and I was gone...then when I hit second gear, felt a jolt then heard a big bang! Didn't know what it was! Coasted into a parking lot, got out and looked underneath and saw a river of oil coming from the rear end. I did not know what had broken for ten years.
I actually drove it home around 1 to 2 miles an hour, received plenty of "one finger salutes" cause I was going so it home and parked it. Few years later, moved it into the garage...and it sat.

Children's ministry occupied my time and there was no spare time for the 56' and after several years I backed off a little, enough to do yard sale hopping...what a pastime!

Visited a yard sale one day and the fellow had a 56' DeSoto that he said he drove every weekend! That was when I got motivated to fix my old car...sold my Gold Wing, sold my VW Super Beetle and investigated what happened. It was a suprise to me to say the least.

Seems that the pinion gear broke and part of it had come out through that thick cast iron on the hogs head housing...and the big bang was the huge dent it made on the fuel tank! Lucky me...As you see in the photo, it was buried under a mountain of yard sale stuff...ask my wife to have a yard sale because otherwise it was going to a dumpster! Got it cleared off and started the Re-Start/Update. :congrats:


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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