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I just completed a set of hinges for my 57 to route and hide the wires for power windows, locks and anything else that would be wired in the doors. Doing this brings the wires from the kick panel area into the inner door through the lower door hinge. The wire tunneled passage is about 1/2 inch deep and a little less than the thickness of the hinge. Thought I'd share pics of process. If I do say so myself, they turned out super! Below are a some pics of how they were made and finished the product. I trial passed 5 wires through and could get few more. Anyone who would like to have theirs done - PM me. :bowtier:

Hinge marked for cut

Cutting Hinge

Start of Weld

Completed Weld

Inside Hinge being finish ground

Outside of Hinge being finish ground

Completed Hinge primered without wires

Completed Hinge showing wires running through Hinge

Again, if someone would like a set of these hinges, give me a PM.

Thanks, Fuzz
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