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SBC Oil Pan

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Hi guys,

Will this pan work? :confused0006:

Dimesions are- 8 1/4" deep, the length of the sump is 9 1/4" (7 quart)
Existing pan is- 7" deep, the length of the sump is 7 3/4" on my 327.

There is about 3" from centrelink to front of sump with the 327 pan now.

The engine is in the factory V-8 position, not ahead 3/4"

Anyone running one of these pans?

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No experience with that pan, but an early 60s 327 pan has a 9" or so sump length.

The centerlink rubs with that pan when you turn the wheels. It's too long.

See if you can find one that a bit shorter.
sbc pan

i can't speak about that pan on a tri 5 but i will find out tomorrow as i have one and am going to put it in with the side mounts i will say i have that pan on all of my other cars and have had no trouble at all with clearences hope this one will be the same
thanks bob
oil pan

as i said yesterday i install my side mounts and mocked up block and trams with that style of pan and there is lots of room for steering i find there is no problem
thanks bob
ps hope to have pictures soon
Oil PAN??

Hey guys Moroso used to make a pan for 55-57 Chevys an 62-67 Chevy II ;s that had a cutout across the pan to clear steering Jegs #555-50220 for 6 qt. plus filter if you think you need a big pan. Just remember you don't need high pressure or volume on a street engine.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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