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Well, I bought a boat recently and inside a box that came with the boat were a set of the coolest looking gauges I have seen in a long time. I want to run them in the Bel Air.

I am having trouble getting good pics, so I can't post any here. I haven't a clue who the manufacturer is and there isn't any indication on the gauges who made them.

After some messing around with the oil pressure gauge in the test department at work, I believe that the gauge was intended to work with a 0-90 ohm sending unit. 0 Ohms will peg the gauge at 80 psi, and 90 will let it go to zero, and varying the resistance in between varies the needle position. (This is easy to do with the fancy stuff they have back there!)

So, my question is, I have been searching for awhile but haven't gotten any definitive results. I am looking for an oil pressure sending unit that operates from 0-90 ohms. I believe some GM sending units did this, but I haven't been able to determine exactly what since the ohm range isn't something most websites typically list. I keep finding 33-240 ohm sending units which won't work for this.

If anyone knows of anything, I would appreciate any info. Thanks!
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