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I don't know the exact configuration of the wagons, but I reckon there are two issues with any seat belt:

1. Where to mount the top anchor.
2. Where to mount the retractor.

For the front of a wagon, I am assuming the top anchor can only go on the post. And I would weld in a plate to the inside rather than drill a bold through from the outside. For the retractor - these can mount off or close to the floor by the post or maybe fitted in behind upholstery behind?

For the rear, I am not too sure where the top anchor would go? Is there another post back there? And I guess the retractor would fit to the rear floor, maybe with a bit of support.
Gotta love the nick name. Thanks for the response. I've been out RV'ing here in the USA for the past month and should be home sometime next month. I'll start looking at my options.... Happy motoring
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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