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Seat covers

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I have always ran "custom seat covers" on my tri five projects. I have recently purchased the 57 210 that haunted me as a kid.. it sat down the street from my parents the whole time i was growing up, i tried to buy it back then but 2500 might as well have been 25000. The car has since changed hands and was under restoration when the owner passed on.I was asked if id be interested in it and a 55 sedan that he had, i want to go pretty much original, except for a muncie on the 57. Do the Cidella seat covers look and fit well?? Or go with cars? Also i think i should get door panels from the same vendor shouldnt i? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance:)
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The ciadella stuff is the best just get a good uhpolstery guy to put them on so they look perfect:party0031::party0031::happy0030:
Shawn if you want the original material and look then yes, that would be the best way to go.
Let us know if we can help.

We you would like samples, Custom ideas please contact us. Thank you guys for the kind words, we really do try hard to make high quality Chevy interiors, and don't forget the 10% discount TriFive members get. Email [email protected]

Thank You; Pete Ciadella

I sent you an email. I have some questions for you about getting an interior kit for my 56 Nomad. Thanks!

Every comment that I have read here about Ciadella has been positive.Guess they must be doin' something right:congrats:
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