Mileage:74000 M
Engine:265 V8
Located in Akron, Ohio. Runs decent. It’s a 10 footer, a driver, not a pebble beach concourse car.
New front disc brakes. Power steering. Powerglide Automatic transmission. I simply don't have the time for routine maintenance or to drive it. It just sits in my garage and I want to invest more money into traveling.
Original 265 V8 and Rochester 2bbl carb.
All original except interior, wheels, front brakes, and water pump. But I still have all the original equipment for you purists if you want to take it back to a 100% original 55.
Trunk, floor, rockers, and frame are all solid.
I have a 1955 (one year only) 4 barrel intake manifold, ‘57 Carter 2505S Carb, correct 57 original air cleaner (proper clearance for hood) gaskets, and carb linkages to go with it for a 4bbl conversion.
No rust, all new(ish) chrome and trim. Super Solid driver that will bring you lots of looks and smiles.
Josh at (330) 696-2793

This format won't let me upload many photos. Click this Facebook Link to see the listing with 20 photos. Facebook လော့ဂ်အင်ဝင်ရန် I have no idea why the link looks like it's in Arabic. It's a legit link.