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Hi Guys,

My car has a new cam with hydraulic lifters.
Its a lunati 10120700 cam in a 57 283 4bbl engine.
The engine is a #1 TDC if I move the flexplate the valves stay closed.
The shop manual states that now its possible to adjust
Exhaust 1,3,4,8
Intake 1,2,5,7

Yet the number 4&8 Exhaust lifters are up on my engine.
valley look

What did I miss ?

Since its a new cam i don't want to rotate it a lot.



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Nick.....If memory serves me right.....When a cam is installed and the timiing gears are aligned dot-to-dot, the engine is ready to fire on #6....(Not #1 as you would think)

Watch this video:

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