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'55 Del Ray with orig tube radio; sadly previous owner added two speaker in the rear. Going to return to one and replace cardboard rear package tray.

1. Looking for rear speaker grill and correct screws; any leads?

2. What color rear grill and cardboard package tray? Match cardboard kick panels? I have the blue interior for the del ray.

3. Front speaker seems to only have one wire. I thought speakers have two. Simply ground through the speaker chassis?

4. See above. Would/could modern speaker ground to rear deck?

5. Who recomend for radio tune-up? Needs caps. Like to add tap so I can plug iPod.

6. Have white coth braid wire for speaker. Correct? Where get?



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I sent my Wonderbar radio to Tony Mac Crutchfield of Crockett Sound Laboratory, aka wonderbarman. He is eccentric as **** and he takes his friggen time, (6-7 months) but after he is finished replacing pieces and parts, the unit is bench tested/stressed/played 24/7 for two weeks....if it passes, you get it back.....if not, he works on it until it does!

He is know primarily for being "the man" that services and tunes tube amps for Nashville musician and rock stars world wide.

Crockett Sound Laboratory -

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