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Sheet Metal Pro - So. Calif

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Sorry guys if you saw the previous thread. -Bob fixed a bunch of dents on the '55 roof with unbelievable ease & results last night and also put a new skin on the door and I just wanted to praise him one more time - if you're in So. Calif. and need a TriFive Sheet Metal Expert who is willing to go to you - this guy is highly recommended. Thanks! :)

I've seen several posts from guys looking for a good body man at reasonable shop labor rates. We stumbled across this guy at the Pomona Swap Meet a couple of weeks ago and asked him if he "traveled" and would be willing to help us on some rust issues and sheet metal replacements on my buddies '55 Gasser. He said he would and yesterday he drove out from Hesperia, Ca to our garage in Torrance, Ca. We quickly realized that we had "stumbled" across a guy who obviously knew TriFives extremely well and was a REAL Pro! We marveled at his skill level and little tricks that only someone who's been doing this type of work for years could know.

In conversation, we found out that he's been working on TriFives for 15 years, has built three convertibles for people out of parts, one of which was a show winner, Sells TriFive used parts, does Stainless dent removal and polishing - a good guy to know. He doesn't use a computer and gets his business from word of mouth. So, for those people in So. Calif., this might be a guy to call if you need help on TriFive sheetmetal repair & replacement. By the way, his Shop Labor Rate is $30.00/Hour!!

His name is Bob Wilke out of Hesperia, Ca. (760) 947-0919

Also, he is a really nice guy!
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