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The missus has ok'd my plan to extend the shop !

I have a 24 x 20 garage that I park the panel in and use as a gym & another 22 x 18 that I do the fixing in, but with my latest purchase being 25' long ( 1955 - 4400)
I need a bit more space, plan is to remove an old adjacent stable block and extend the fixing shed onto that plot, this will give me an extra 2 bays 26' x 18 and a smaller tool area 18 x 17 and a new gym area 18 x 17 - which in turn will free up the space in the double garage.

I am building it in timber - box cladding and telegraph poles and the front will look like a stable block, it is shame that the weather is against us, but it should be a fun project - not cost too much money and hopefully will provide ample room for fixing and dry storage.

And then maybe I will have a spare gap for a step side - probably best not to say that out loud just now !

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sounds cool! :five: ..................whats a stepside? :stupido2: just kidding. :bowtier:
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