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I'm looking for a way to determine where I have an electrical short and since most of the parts are original... 1956 original. I'm looking to see if I can rule out certain electrical group sections.

When I have the lights on they blink. All of them blink at once (taillights, headlights, dash lights). Not in an exact timing sequence, but at least once a second.

I'll just start asking specifics now. Note: I know little to nothing about electrical in automotive.

What fuse or fuses are necessary for the car to start and run? Can I pull the rest?
What tests can i run to make sure the short isn't in the fuse panel?
What, where, and how should I test to locate the short?

I have a craftsman voltmeter, but again I know little to nothing on what it should be set to when testing.

As funds are very low I'm trying to do what I can to be able to drive this car every couple weeks.

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The headlight switch has 2 thermal circuit breakers that open when they are overloaded such as a short. After they open, the breakers will cool down and close, which causes the blinking.
Do the lights blink when the headlight switch is in the first position?
Do you have stock type headlight or high intensity headlights?
To isolate the problem, you can disconnect the wires from the headlight switch, one at a time, to see which one has the short. ....
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