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Went to the local weekly cruise last Saturday. Saw the Black 57 Nomad I saw a couple weeks ago at $75K. A older gent I used to work with recently purchased a glass 23 T roadster pickup from Ebay. He found out later that car had been built by two brothers from the town he lives in when they showed up as the car was being unloaded. Cool story !
Also saw the bad ass hot rod with a blown Hemi ( a stroked 331 that had been in a drag boat 20 years ago.) Zoomies almost as tall as the chopped early pickup cab. No radiator up front, hidden in covered truck bed.
And a near twin to the 426 Street Hemi I rolled in '71. I looked closely it was a RP23 coded Satellite. His had a padded roof that mine didn't and had the factory option Rally wheels. My original owners brother sold Howards wheels.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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