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Socket for pitman arm?

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I believe it's a 1 5/16th size socket, but where do you find one with a 1/2" drive? Craftsman doesn't make such a socket. Any ideas? Thanks. Oh yeah, this is manual steering pitman arm. Thanks.
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mine is 3/4 drive so i used a 3/4 to 1/2 reducer in order to use my 1/2 drive ratchet.
The size of the pitman nut can vary. I think the original nut was smaller than the nut that comes with the 500 box.
1-5/16" is the most common nut. I've seen 1-3/8" also, not sure they ever came on a 55-57, the one I ran across was from a 60s GM car.

The 1/2" internal/3/4" external adapter is the way to go.
THanks guys.
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