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Someone near N.E. AL to Paint my 57

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I'm restomoding my 57 2 dr ht. All major body work is done and I'm looking for someone near northeast Alabama to paint (off frame) my car. I would appreciate any references.

This is my first post since my hello post a couple of months ago. The car was stripped to bare metal, floors, rear quaters and inner quaters, rockers and tail pan have been replaced with new after market part. All on rust cut out and repaired. Then body reassembled on frame, blocked and sanded. All work was professionally done but shop is too far from my home and all the travel is beginning to be a burden. I want to move the car nearer my home to complete.

Thanks for any help. I was going to attach some pics, but the files are too large.

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Ralph, I'm not to far from you in Albertville. I have a kid who works part time for me around the shop who just graduated from a trade school in Body and paint work. Don't know if something like that would do for you, but I am sure he not only could he do you a good job, but would be interested in doing it as well. If you would like give me a call and I will put you two guys in touch with each other.

Suggest you talk to Ray Bryan, Classic Car Concepts, Lacey's Spring AL
Professional full, restoration shop.

Thanks for the information. I'll contact Ray Bryan. Where are you located? Have you done business with Ray Bryan in the past?
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