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Source for rear drain gutters?

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Anyone know if any place sells replacement rear window side gutters? The curved sheet metal bit, not the rubber drain tube. Everywhere sells replacements for convertibles but I haven't been able to find them for cars with rear glass :) Mine are pretty shot and they look difficult to create for a newbie like me.

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I've never seen them.

Tough call. If they are really bad, I guess you could splice in a piece from a donor. While it might not be too hard to find a donor that's better, it might be very difficult to find one that's totally rust free.
Not exactley sure were talking of the same thing but Ecklers has drip rails for 2dr hardtops... Later, Dave
Just for the record, I was thinking of the channel around the bottom of the rear window, just below the pinch weld where the gasket sits.
Are you talking about a wagon?

I took another look on Ecklers but couldn't find it, maybe I'm just searching for the wrong thing? Is this part meant for the rear window? If so then the 2D is very different from the 4D that has a "V" rail running only across the back with a deeper gutter section for the last 12 inches or so on the left and right ends.

This is the gutter on the left and right sides between the rear glass and the flat deck behind the rear seat.

From the outside top:

From inside top, here I've cut right down the middle of the gutter on some donor parts to separate them:

The piece is about 1 foot long, curved, with a drain hole at one end that the rubber drain hose snaps into.

My car is a 4D hardtop but I think gutters made for any sedan or coupe could be made to work unless the 2D simply doesn't have them. Maybe this is a good opportunity to see just what I can do with piece of sheet metal and a hammer :)
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The CCI part is the one that belairdave referred to and is not what you're looking for.

It's either a donor piece or form your own.
It's either a donor piece or form your own.
Thanks Rick. Not what I wanted to hear but an answer is an answer :)

I'm new to the tri-five world but from what I can tell this is a fairly common rust point on these cars. Both my project and the donor trunk I picked up are rusted beyond re-use so I hoped it would be in demand enough to find repops. Since it looks like the 2D doesn't have them I guess that makes sense... poor neglected 4Ds :(


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