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Southern Swedish Classic meet

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Here are some pics from our meeting yesterday, 20 classic owners drove their cars in the autumn rain. Thomas (anderssonbros) did not show up with his 55 even if he only had 15 minutes drive. Is your -55 made of sugar Thomas?:)
After the GM quiz we enjoyed a delicious salmon barbecue in Bertil's garage.

More pics

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thanks richard, great pics. :party0031:
Thanks for the pics Richard. :tu

A lot of washing after that meet. :D
Real nice Pics! Tell me more about the salmon barbecue.
Is your -55 made of sugar Thomas?:)

Sounds like a challenge Thomas :sign0020:

Thanks Richard ....LOVE the primer grey 55 Nomad
No challenge! and no sugar :)
An explanation seems to be in order.
Earlier that day I was at the Muscle car meet and was suppose to drive over to this meet later in the afternoon.
When I got home I was meet by my wife in the drive way and got the news that my father in law had serious problems with a water leak (broken pipe).
So, I had to get my priorities straight (according to my wife, that is :)) and had to go and help the old man instead of joining the Chevy meet.

I'm glad to see that you all enjoyed the gathering and pictures were taken even though I wasn't there :D :tu

...and I had printed out a bunch of TriFive cards that I was suppose to put on all the cars... :(
I found some pictures of that salmon barbeque

...and as far as I understand the cat got my slice. Good to know I will still have one friend! :D

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Thomas! Excuse accepted! :) Hope you got there in time and could stop the leak before the damage was too big.
I had looked forward to meet you Thomas, but there will be more days.
Well unfortunately the damage was already done... but I managed to fix the pipe so he could turn on the water again :tu

And likewise. We have to get together some day to have a serious Chevy chat. :cool:
Goo looking rides, even with rain bubbles.........
Wow, love those chevrolets.......see the world from them............
Pig is me
Goo looking rides, even with rain bubbles.........
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