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spark plugs

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400 SB not running so good so I pulled the plugs and was suprised to find no crsh washer. The plugs are delco R45TS and they are in 292 angle plug original GM heads. So the previous owner said. they are for sure angle plugs. Anyway should they have crush washers. the plugs do have a small bevel but not sure about the heads, but i'll sure be checking that out. I'm also curious as to how much vacuum I should have with that engine. It is camed up pretty good. I hooked my vacuum guage inline to the distributer on the bench and it took about 13 inches before the plate moved at all. It seems like to much. What do you guy's think??? I'm determand to get the miss out of this thing without taking it to a real machanic.Thanks for helping. Jim 5557.
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The R45TS is a tapered plug for heads with a tapered seat, it doesn't use a crush washer... If your heads aren't made for the tapered plug you have the wrong plugs in it...

Remove the T and you have a R45S which is flat and uses a crush washer..

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DS. Thanks for the reply! I did take a look at the heads and there not beveled so i'll have to get the other plugs. Thanks again.
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