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Spot Weld question

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Has anyone ever used the portable 110 spotwelder to spot weld a floor back in? Did it work if you did use it? Yes, no or otherwise.:confused0006:
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It would be hard to use a spot welder in most places where you have to weld a floor. You would have to have long arms on it to weld the braces. You might be able to spot weld the pinch weld between the floor and inner/outer rockers, but that's about it. If you have one, I'd try using it where you can and plug weld the rest. I don't think I'd buy one for the job though.
Thanks for the reply, Chevynut, but here is my thought on it. I don't have a spot welder, but I have a complete floor and complete trunk to install and I was thinking it may save all the punching of holes and filling the holes with weld and grinding and sanding, is that the wrong way of thinking??
Are you installing a complete assembled floor and trunk? If so, you don't have that many spot welds to make. I'll bet I drilled, welded, and ground 1000 of them!!!

I still am not sure you'll be able to reach a lot of the weld locations, but it depends on the spot welder. Also, I'm not sure if a 110 welder will do the job very well, but maybe someone else has experience.
i agree years ago i tried one of those 110 spot welders no luck drill weld & grind i think is the best way im not at a 1000 yet but a good 2-3 hundred
Its slow going and teeee-jus, but Chevynut is right on.

I have a miller 220 spot welder with a timer. It has more than enough heat to do the job. I would think a 120 unit might do it. I used it quite a bit on the floors of the convertible and on the trunk side repairs. Without a timer I would question weather or not the welds would be sound. I practice quite a bit before I start on the same sandwich I am going to weld on the car. It saves me a lot of time and looks good too. I did build a custom set of 12" tongs with the electrodes at a 45 degree angle to get into the top of the floor to inner rocker welds...

There is a pic of a trunk weld happening on my web site here... shameless plug:wavey::wavey::wavey::wavey::wavey: on the website I built......

I too have one and have used it with great sucsess on replacing floors and other items. It is a Miller - 110 unit. I have a very short set of tongs and a couple of others. There are many places it will not access, and it saves drilling and grinding time. Having said that, if you don't have one, and unless you intend to do more floors for other folks, I would save the money and spend it on other things you will need along the way.

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