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Starter circuits

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Hi guys, can any of you provide me a diagram of how the starter wires are connected and how many of them are there on a 57 283?

Thanks in advance Blair
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Maybe this will help?

I don't know how to post these images so you can actually see them - maybe you can copy each one and input it into a photo software where you can blow them up. I've attached the image links to maybe help uploading them easier. Hope this can help! :)
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Here is a link to another diagram. The starter solenoid has 2 dark green wires, 1 from the ballest resistor and 1 to the coil, both on the "R" terminal of the solenoid. One violet wire on the "S" terminal from the ign switch, if it's manual, or from the neutral safety switch, if it's automatic. A black wire to the ignition switch, on the large post with the battery cable. Link...
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