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Stick shift overdrive question

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I have a '57 in the shop with the old original stick shift overdrive transmission. The car was bought out of California and shipped here to Texas. The overdrive doesn't work and I'm trying to diagnose the problem. The cable operates correctly. I see three wires at the transmission, the green and the black wire are hooked to a solenoid on the drivers side and the red wire is hooked to a solenoid? on the passenger side near the back of the tranny. The black wire is grounded, but neither the green or the red is hot with the key on. I have located the relay under the hood, nothing is hot there, or at the kickdown switch. I think someone failed to ever finish the job when this car was assembled. If someone can tell me which wire is supposed to be hot when the key is on, the green or the red, I would appreciate the help.
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Thanks Don, I finally figured that out myself if you can believe that!
You know the drill when someone brings a car that they know nothing about and you have to trace down someone elses shortcomings. This car has the Rochester Fuel Injection on it and they didn't mount the kickdown switch either, just hid it in behind the brake booster. I got it working now, appreciate the help!
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