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I've adapted the C3 Corvette spindle and brakes to my 55. The spindle is 1" taller, and it has a 7 degree king pin angle as opposed to 3.5 degrees stock.

The advantage of that is that the tall spindle gives you a better camber gain curve when cornering, and the increased king pin angle gives you a shorter scrub radius, which means that the tire doesn't fight steering as much, especially when you run wide tires and wheels. You also get a 12" rotor using stock parts, and the package only moves the wheel mounting surface out by 3/8", about the same as most dropped spindle/disc brake packages - and much less than a stock spindle/Chevelle rotor brake package.

The disadvantage is that if you want a lower car, the spindle is in the same location heightwise as the stock one, so all your lowering must be done with the springs. The other thing is that it's not a bolt in, you must do some modifications.

The mods required are in two areas. First, the Corvette ball joint pin is 1/16" bigger than the 55-57 ball joint pin. So for that I made a tapered bushing of the correct od and id on the lathe. Second, because of the spindle height and king pin angle, the upper control arm must be shortened by approximately 3/4". I already had on hand some upper control arms made by Redd Mfg (the same people that do the Concept One pulley systems). It turns out their design was fairly easy to cut and weld to 3/4" shorter. This would be not nearly so easy on other aftermarket control arms - Heidt's is a good example. Another small mod is that you can and need to use the stock steering arms but the bolt holes must be drilled out from 7/16" to 1/2".

I also used some aftermarket Corvette aluminum calipers. No reason you couldn't use stock Corvette calipers though.

Here's a photo:

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