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TCI lockup question

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Hey everyone, im in the middle of my 200r4 swap and i have a couple questions about the lockup kit i installed

1: the 2 wires that attach to the fourth gear pressure switch are not labeled +/-, does it matter how i hook them up?

2: there was a part that i believe isnt to be used again, small and silver, looks like the fourth gear pressure switch but has 2 prongs coming from the side. that is no longer used right?

last 1: same as the 1st but pertains to the black vacuum switch that gets mounted on the outside, +/- isnt labeled, does it matter?

thanks a lot everyone
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1. It doesn't matter which terminal you connect each wire to.
2. Probably not.
3. Same as #1.

I don't know what the instructions look like, you need to be sure the pressure switch they supplied is in the correct port. Since you didn't ask, I assume that's clear in the instructions.

Im pretty sure its a direct replacement for the pressure switch that is removed, the new one has 2 little connections on it, the old one only had 1.
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