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temp. high

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running rad. in v8 position on my 350. just installed new shroud and after about 10 or12 miles, temp. keeps easing up.until it gets in the hot position.running stock temp. gauge on 57and 180 degree thermostat.Had rad. checked out and checks o.k. any ideas,guys
have a blessed day
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Gene.....Check out Stewart's website:
Check FAQ and Tech Tips.
Wizard Radiator (West Falls NY)

Our car has a blower on it so it tends to run the temp up fast. We have gone to a "Wizard Radiator" custom built aluminum radiators utalizing factory mounts. Then of course we had to go with a high flow electric fan but we can run consistantly at 200 degrees. With out the blower you should be around 180. The only other thing we can do to improve on the temp is to form a custom shroud directing air right into the radiator, you might want to do the same.
Are you relying on the stock temp gauge? If so do you have the correct temp sender for the gauge? Many of the new replacement senders aren't calibrated correctly for our gauges. Try to get an IR gun and shoot the top hose to get an idea of the actual temp.

I just learned something new myself!

Thats why I joined, I am going to try that my self before I go and custom build shrouds. Possible that the sender on our car as well is incorrect. I'm sure the folks at Wizard can check that out and lucky for us they are located in West Falls NY about 2 miles from us!
high temp

thanks,guys Have a blessed day
Check your timing, and vacuum advance are correct.
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