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Texas flooding

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Just wanted to say to our friends in Tx hope you and your familys are doing okay looks like you had some flooding today
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It was just on the news.Wow,thats a lotta water.:eek:
Yes, me too......I've got kids in Abilene and friends in Weatherford.
Showed some very bad flooding in the Arlinton area around six flags on the news, looked like rapids in a river.
Might be a good time for people to call and check on flood insurance. You just never know when it's gonna happen to you. Like all those folks in Nashville last year. For a couple hundred a year, you can get covered. Food for thought.
Saw some video on the news tonight, between the flooding and the tornados, looks like a rough day.

It's amazing what a tropical storm can do so far inland, or maybe not so far. One of the worst storms ever in Houston was Allison about 9 years ago, it made landfall without much fanfare, wandered around east and central Texas in a big circle, then about 4-5 days later came back to Houston, wham, 24-36" rain in places.

All we got here from the current storm was about 2" of much needed rain, no flooding.
7 1/2" here. And a tornado about 1/2 mile from the house. Just another day in the neighborhood.
Texas Weather

7 tornados hit in Texas today. 57 Vette with part of a roof on it. :eek:
Tornadoes , Floods :eek:
I think I'd rather surf the rolling ground here thank you very much.
Hope there was not too much damage though :confused0006:
hope all is well for you and your families texas buddies. :tu
I don't know how to embed these videos, but this is what we could see from our back yard last night
hope all is well and everything is looking better there :tu
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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