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got the 55 convert going AGAIN! the first summer i had a supercharged 383 and a 4spd, i had problems with the blower so the next summer i put in a 348 and a 5spd. i loved it, but the cam gear ate into the block and the shavings took out the crank:eek:. this time i reconfigured the 383, new cam, smaller combustion chamber heads and a new carb and intake (no blower). i just fired it up on year old gas and it runs llike a raped ape!!:happy0030: when i found out how bad the 348 was i lost all interest for the summer but i've got an event coming up (hunnert car pileup) that got me fired up again. the small block doesn't look as cool as the 348 but i dressed it pretty decent so it's not all that bad looking.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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