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My grandfather was a WWII vet. He served in one of the early Navy CB units in the Pacific. I have his flag, his "cruise" book, and a bunch of old photos that he and his friends took while in the Pacific. He never really spoke about his service to anyone, not even very much to my grandmother. When I asked her about it, she just said that he didn't talk about it, but had mentioned something about building a bridge for a bomb. He was in the Pacific, in a CB unit that spent time in Hawaii and the Marianas islands, and his cruise book mentions missions that cannot be written down. Pretty sure that his unit must have been the group who unloaded the A-bombs from the ship to Tinian island, and built the airfields there. I need to get in touch with a CB museum and see what records I can find for his unit. One thing on my bucket list is getting to Tinian to see what's left of the airfields and the pits they used to load the A-bombs into the aircraft.

I have been to Japan, and visited Nagasaki a couple of times with several of my co-workers. It's a very somber place, especially at the museum and at the hypocenter. We did have one older gentleman giving us a strange look while we were there. I nodded to him out of respect and went on with what I was doing. He appeared to be old enough to be a WWII veteran at the time.

My uncle (Dad's younger brother) is a Vietnam veteran. He really doesn't talk about his time in the service, either. I know that his barracks were bombed one night, and he lost a few friends that night. I sit quietly and listen when he does talk about it, though those times are few and far between. I still have the little camo pants and shirt that he sent me while he was there. He's dealing with some health issues now, likely from the Agent Orange.
You might want to start your search here:

The museum is located at the Port Heuneme Naval Station near Ventura, CA.
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