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Thought I'd never see this day. Hello Guys!

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I'm a talker, so get ready for some long posts. I just (yesterday) pulled a 1957 Belair hardtop out of it's place of rest since 1984, and it's now mine. I'm like on cloud nine, couldn't sleep last night just thinking about it.

I've been after the owner of this car since about the early 1990's to sell me this car, because it was already sitting for over ten years, and finally yesterday I won! Persistence pays off. The best part of this very true story is, it was my brothers car, and his wife wouldn't let him get rid of the car all this time because they almost got divorced over it's purchase thirty years ago.

Well to make a long story a little shorter he had a stroke, and started downsizing, and called me up, and just "gave" me the car, but I had to promise to restore the car, and he wants the first ride. Pics coming, pulling it out in the sunshine yesterday after thirty years.

Oh, It was totally restore in 1975. It's not original. Has a 1972 small block, a four speed, all new sheet metal, no rust anywhere. He put a new (re-chromed) front bumper on, and that was all he did. It is a original Calif. car. One piece bumper. The interior is 99% perfect, all tufted and pleated black.

I'm going to need help, I'm sure. Not a expert by no means, but I'm now in the process of restoring a 1970 1/2 z28, and 5 year's ago finished a 1969 ss chevelle. Again sorry for the long posts, Just had to vent! :party0031:
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:hello: hi geezzer and welcome. good to have you here. cool story and nice intro. have fun with that 57. :five:
Hi Geezer! Welcome to TriFive! Great story! Would love to see some pictures!

:sign0016:Geezer :wavey:;amin_111;
Welcome to tri-five, it sounds like you have a great car to start with and a super brother.
Welcome to Tri Five. Sounds like you got a good car to go with now.
Geezzer welcome to tri-5

great intro :tu , glad to hav u with us
Sorry to hear about your brother's health, but congrats on the car and welcome to Tr-Five. We can't wait to see pics of your new ride.
Hi and Welcome to TriFive :)
Welcome Aboard! the members here are a wealth of information and experience with these beautiful cars..

:sign0016:to trifive Geezzer:wavey: :anim_25:with the 57... Later, Dave
Welcome Geezer! Glad to have you along, and good luck on your new toy!
Welcome aboard!
Hello Geezzer
welcome aboard
great intro geeser and a great bro. lets get some pics up
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