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1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible; ZZ4 w HEI ign; 700r4; 9" rear w/3:50 gears; pwr disc fr w drum rear
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I'm going to start shopping for a good timing I prepare for my ignition overhaul project. Just thought I would toss the question out there....what's have other members found to be a good timing light for the money?

I understand there are digital models that will give you RPM readings?


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For me the best setup and the best bang for the $$$ is to use a standard inductive timing light and a marked balancer. The timing light I use is a Sears 161.2134, I've had it for a long time but I think they still sell it.

For the marked balancer, use a Mr. Gasket timing tape. Install it with contact cement after cleaning the balancer thoroughly. Shoot some clear lacquer over it.

The fancier "dial back" timing lights don't work so well with some electronic ignitions, especially MSD. They will give you errors.

The more expensive dial back lights don't have this problem (Snap-On is one) but the problem is you don't really know you have a problem unless you have a simpler cheaper system to check it against.

If you need rpm output, just get a separate dwell meter or tach.
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