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To paint or not to paint

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I have a '55 that is an older restore and the paint(appears to be an amateur job) is in good shape over all but I have noticed some spots that are showing small bubbling(signs of rust), other areas where the paint has small cracks with rust showing through(around the trunk opening for example), some spots that have what appears to be over-spay from the white onto the red, as well as a spot over the rear passenger side fender where the paint is creased, looks like a bad bondo job. Here in lies the question. I can live with the bad bondo job as it isn't obvious unless you walk up and investigate, but I am definitely concerned about the rust spots. What is the best, cost effective approach to these? This is my daily driver and I want this car to last and look good while doing so. I am just not sure how to address the issues without doing a complete strip down and new paint job. Thus why I am here asking for advise. I am not a painter so I would either have to DIY it or find a reasonable painter to help with it.


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Close up pictures of all the areas where there is rust will be necessary to get good advisement. Get some and post them if you can.

Also, is any water getting into the trunk, rear window area or under dash area when you wash the car or get into a heavy rain?

Where in Texas are you?
Hi Hank,
The important question is "are you happy with your car"?
If so; cruise it and enjoy, save some cash along the way and go for the body work and paint later on. If not a few grand and a few weeks/months down time will probibly be the flip side of the coin. Think about it :confused0006:
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